Contemporary Australian poet based in Perth, Western Australia, Ben Riddle won the 2014 Fred Simpson Prize for English Verse, and is currently Co-Director of the Said Poets Society.

Ben has been published in Australia, Europe and the United States; notably in Trove Journal, The Travelling Poet and the Stormcloud Poets Anthology. He has done backflips off of buildings, stages and every serious commitment he’s ever made in his life.

Recently, Ben’s been devoting more of his time to performance poetry and teaching, recently featuring at Spoken Word Perth’s Grow, and Jugular’s Art Compost.

New poem posted every Sunday, and shorter poems and essays posted whenever they’re written.

Ben takes commissions for poetry, and suggestions for where to submit his work. He also gives workshops as part of the Said Poets Society, which you can book here: http://saidpoets.com.au/